Detox Green Juice

Detox Green Juice

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This detox green juice is the perfect addition to your diet when you want to cleanse your body and boost your immune system.

Detox Green Juice


3 Large Green Apples
7 ounces Fresh Kale (200 grams)
½ English Cucumber
1 cup Fresh Spinach , packed (25 grams)
½ Small Lemon , juice only


  • Wash all the ingredients. Cut the apples into quarters, kale and cucumber into smaller pieces that fit inside the juicer chute.
  • Juice everything except for the lemon.
  • Taste the juice. If you feel like it doesn’t need any lemon juice, omit it completely (see note 2 & 3).


  • The ingredients can be adjusted to your liking – add more apples, less spinach, more cucumber.
  • Add the lemon at the very end after you tasted the juice. It might or might not need a full half of lemon. This will depend on how sweet/sour the apples are.
  • If you prefer sweeter juice, use red apples or stir in maple syrup.
  • Store in a sealed glass jar/bottle in the fridge.
  • Best consumed fresh but can last up to 48 hours if stored properly.

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